The MPs Logic

I tell lies to the people about things I know I cannot do and things which are clearly none of my constitutional business. I am able to fool them to a point. Now that I am in power and they are “standing’ on my vague promises and making frivolous demands, it is just fair that the state increases my salary to supposedly cater for these demands. Because we are cronies in the act, we easily push this one through. Now, one thing is missing. All our colleagues in the executive have official guards. It is just fair that we also have similar treatment. It might interest our constituents to know that our lives are more valuable than theirs. And should any of us be attacked or die, this nation will come to a standstill. Besides, We are all noted for mismanagement so it is very difficult to find space in our 7200+allowances to cater for our own security. So today, on the floor of parliament, we are screaming for official guards ooooooo.


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