The story titled LIFE

It is the most suspense-filled story. Everyone of us is an ardent reader of this story. Some scenes make us laugh out loud. Some pages make us cry. Some lines make us ask ourselves how we even got attached to this story. Some parts of the story are really boring and others make us overly angry. We celebrate some occurrences in the story and regret ever coming across others. We sometimes ask ourselves why the writer created such a story. We feel like having a tete-a-tete with Him and asking asking him all the million questions that hit our minds as we read this story. All in all , we can all agree that it is a wonderful story with vicissitudes and joy juxtaposing each other, Failure and success holding hands, tears and laughter running shifts and the creator sitting on His high throne watching us as we get engulfed in and become partakers of his story. This story is titled LIFE.


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