I SPEAK OF GHANA is a character map of the people of Ghana. It is a Ghana-customized lexicon. It perfectly serves as a guide book to any visitor who wants to slip into the Ghana life with ease . I SPEAK OF GHANA throws a powerful beam of light on the daily life of the ‘Ghanaman’ in a rather side-splitting manner. It exposes the ills of our society by poking fun at them instead of dashing out hard jabs; the exact way ‘sweet medicine’ is used in killing worms. It also chronicles the history of Ghana in a captivating poetic style.

Typical of his writing style, Nana Awere Damoah uses simple and familiar language which makes this book suitable for readers of diverse backgrounds. Like a fun-loving driver, he sits behind the steering wheel and takes readers on a jolly ride through the life of the Ghanaian; dodging the potholes of our daily lives, intentionally falling into some of them, taking leisurely rides on the countryside and speeding on the highways of life in Sikaman.


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