The Fallen Leaves


Yesterday, as I sat under a tree and hymns ushered in mourner after mourner, these two leaves fell on the table. I took an interesting look at them and they told me a story. I asked myself why they had to fall off at that time. To me, there was still some greenness in them. Shouldn’t they be fully brown and dry before falling off? The story of these two leaves is the story of our lives. Sometimes we get connected to people and situations and when we least expect it, we are let off the hook. It could be a job sack, a fall out with a ‘bestie’, a terrible break up or even death. Sometimes, we think they should have allowed us to stay a little longer. But like these two leaves, our thoughts and feelings can not take us back to that tree which could be symbolic of our source of companionship, security, joy etc. For these leaves, they fell on a table. Some others will fall on dirty patches of land.

When we are left off the hook by our trusted friends, families, jobs or loved ones, we could fall anywhere. Some fall into emotional breakdowns and others drug abuse. Others fall on good grounds like far better jobs or friends than the ones they were pushed away from. This life is a twisted one. On a broader note, that tree I sat under could represent life and the various leaves and fruits represent humans. We could fall off when we least expect it into eternity. Not all of us will turn brownish and dry before falling off. Some of us will fall off whilst we are still green. Others will fall off at their finest hour. The big question is, on which side of eternity will you fall when that inevitable hour beckons


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