My Story

I have a story to tell…. About 18 years
ago, I was barely 19 years old and for
some reasons I messed up and got
pregnant. I didn’t know I was pregnant
till the 7th to 8th month… very
naive, I thought I was three months
pregnant. I was having my monthly
flow every month, sometimes twice in
a month. I went through length and
breath to abort this pregnancy. Until I
went to one see one Doctor
Kumordzie who told me that my
pregnancy was far advance and that it
would not be aborted… to cut the
long story short… I delivered a baby
girl,amidst the disgrace, shame and
rejection. I had to struggle to take
care of my baby. At a point in time I
fed her only on dry gari because I
couldn’t afford to buy sugar left alone
milk. I had a fair share of poverty….
Saturday 15th February my daughter
who is a student of Ashesi University
and also a product of Wesley Girls high
School turned 18 years… I look back

As   shared   by  a  Social  media  friend  who  I  choose  to  call  Edem.


The Pink Lips Craze.

pink  lips

I  have   seen   several  post   and  comments  on  social  media  which   makes   me   think  a  cross-section  of ladies  are  crazy   over  guys with  pink   lips.   So  I  set  out  to  find  out  why the  craze  for  male  pink  lips. Do  they  taste  nicer  than  the  others?  Are  guys with  pink  lips  automatically good  at  kissing?  Are  they   more  attractive  than  the  violet, brown  and  black   ones? Below   are   some  views  I  gathered.

  • They are sexy
  • They have nicer packaging.
  • I personally like guys with pink lips. The secret is that, it’s a huge turn on. I don’t need much foreplay from a guy with pink lips to get my ‘inn’ ready.
  • I don’t think it has to do with taste… it’s just cute, especially when pink is a color associated with femininity.
  • It’s just sexy and errrrmmm……  perhaps  sweeter
  • Pink  lips  actually  taste  good.
  • I don’t care about color, besides what if that pink lip guy is a lousy kisser?
  • It’s a mental turn on.. Like u guys get mentally turned on by boobs  and  other female features.
  • The lips are the most tempting organs on the  face and when its pink on a guy, I guess it’s a plus.
  • They look ‘kissable’ and catch the eye!

Interesting   views  here.   You  can   also  share   yours  in  the  comment  box  as we  keep  the  conversation  going.  I  am  sure  more  interesting  opinions  will  come  up.

Where are our playgrounds?

I saw this young boy who was having a time of his life on his makeshift seesaw amidst loud singing. I fell in love with the sight immediately so I pulled out my camera and took a shot of him. As I looked at the picture again, I had an admiration for the boy for his creativity. He places a wooden slab on a stretch of block between those iron rods to make a perfect seesaw for himself.  A second thought however tickled me. Why would this boy go to that length to have fun? It is very easy for him to get injured . But does he have a choice? Maybe he had to resort to that because that is the only means of fun for him.


We have a dangerous situation arising in Ghana and we seem to downplay its effects. A child who is denied his childhood which   is  full  of  fun  is likely to grow into an adult yearning for his childhood. Most schools when I was young had nice playgrounds for kids. Even this limited opportunity is vanishing quickly from the system. Kids now have no other choice than to create their own playgrounds and create their own playthings as well.

Kweku, as I choose to call the kid in the picture, represents millions of kids in Ghana and around the world who are being denied the spaces and materials they need to have fun and enjoy their childhood  to  the fullest.  For Kweku, his community elders are more concerned about selling lands ,building hostels and other high-rising buildings. Kweku and his colleagues have been totally ignored. The big men in Kweku’s community I am sure have forgotten that all work and no play makes Kweku not only a dull boy but will make him a dangerous or damaged adult .

It is time extensive awareness is created on the near extinction of playgrounds and fun parks for kids and the need for the revival and provision of these facilities  especially  in  our  schools. Kweku and his colleagues should not be made to put their lives in peril in their quest for fun.

The Chemical Engineer and Author from Wassa.


Who is Nana Awere Damoah
Nana is a thinker, writer, Christian, engineer and author. My background is in Chemical Engineering, trained in KNUST (UST then) and Nottingham  University. In my spare time, I love to spend time with my family and friends, read, do some movies and visit pals. I love speaking to young people too. Continue reading The Chemical Engineer and Author from Wassa.