My Sweetheart

She has a sweet soul. I don’t know how she does it but whenever I’m down, she has a way of uplifting my spirit. She ignites a spark in my life with her presence. I remember back on KNUST campus whenever things get chaotic or boring, she will come around and we will take those romantic walks down the Ring road and end up spending quality time alone at the Senior staff lawn tennis court. She feels it when I’m lonely and gets close if she is around,  to fill that void. Such telepathy! Her smell is classic and turns me on every time. Trust me, she has many parts and plays the roles of these parts so well.she could be a humorist, a political philosopher, a shrink, a satirist, a lover, a sex educator, a spiritual guide, a motivator, a financial and investment advisor and many others. Continue reading My Sweetheart


Goviefe Tales

Lenri Peters, your shoes of loneliness are too heavy on my feet. They hurt the heart of my feet and the soul of my toes

Awoonor, you were right, just as Kwesi Brew.  The gullible sea has eaten every bit of our land. Our beautiful land is no more.

Amu the mighty horn, greatest political soothsayer of our time, please come for your stone. Your prophecies are unfolding page by page in Efo Mawugbe’s Goviefe. Continue reading Goviefe Tales

Why things are the way they are

One day a young deer went to its mum with a mind-boggling question. It asked, “mum, why   is the animal kingdom   like this? Why   is there such high level of impunity? Why is no one accountable in this kingdom? Why is there so much lawlessness? Why are we attacked and killed almost every day and   no one speaks for us or protects   us? Mother deer heaved deeply, pulled her son close and said, “Son, it is a sad situation. Let me tell you a long story. I am sure it will give you a clearer picture of why we are where we are. Continue reading Why things are the way they are