Why things are the way they are

One day a young deer went to its mum with a mind-boggling question. It asked, “mum, why   is the animal kingdom   like this? Why   is there such high level of impunity? Why is no one accountable in this kingdom? Why is there so much lawlessness? Why are we attacked and killed almost every day and   no one speaks for us or protects   us? Mother deer heaved deeply, pulled her son close and said, “Son, it is a sad situation. Let me tell you a long story. I am sure it will give you a clearer picture of why we are where we are.

Mother Deer’s story

A very   long time ago, the elephant was our king. It got to a point, we were all tired of his reign. Grumbling took over the kingdom. Then came a referendum in the animal kingdom. The Tiger emerged as our new king. Then   things   turned from bad to worse. Terrible things started happening   in a speeding queue. Everyone was fed up with Tiger’s regime. One fateful   morning, a very   loud member of the hyena family got up and screamed at the forest square that he wished all animals had guts like the humans do. His outburst started an atmosphere   of a mixture of excitement and uneasiness in the forest. Excitement because most of us   were happy this could be the beginning of change. It could trigger an awakening   that will make sure things change for the better.

Then hyena’s outburst reached King Tiger’s palace. The end result was that Hyena’s daily ration was   suspended for one full moon. This undeserved punishment painted a picture of how intolerant Tiger’s regime was. The whole forest including the trees even got upset at this. Many animals ripped off Tiger’s badge off their skins and ears. The hyena family started a very noisy protest in their territory. We were all geared up and waited for a cue to join in any general protest. We had the belief that since hyena was the only animal with real gut, it will use the suspension   of its ration as a trigger to start a forest-wide   demonstration. Surprisingly that never happened. What actually happened was that the other hyenas came together and made sure they brought together pieces of their daily ration and gave it to the hyena with guts. So Tiger’s suspension of ration did not really affect hyena after all. It only made hyena popular. Most of us were disappointed at this turn of event.

Alas, no one had real guts in this kingdom. This got me thinking. The hyena came from a strong and aggressive   family. They have the ability to protect their own against aggression. What if we were carried away by hyena’s outburst and had started a protest ? if Tiger’s dangerous claws and fangs came down on us, would the hyenas   have come to our aid or they would have just sat in their territory and growl? My son, you see the very bleak picture this event paints of our kingdom? No one has real interest in getting the tiger change his ways. We are all inward looking. We hardly think about the general good of the forest. The hyena doesn’t care that much about the serial killing of antelopes. Do not let their outburst deceive you. If only we all had a common interest and fight for a common good and reduce our selfish desires, this forest will be a better place and tiger will change or we will get him out.


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