My Sweetheart

She has a sweet soul. I don’t know how she does it but whenever I’m down, she has a way of uplifting my spirit. She ignites a spark in my life with her presence. I remember back on KNUST campus whenever things get chaotic or boring, she will come around and we will take those romantic walks down the Ring road and end up spending quality time alone at the Senior staff lawn tennis court. She feels it when I’m lonely and gets close if she is around,  to fill that void. Such telepathy! Her smell is classic and turns me on every time. Trust me, she has many parts and plays the roles of these parts so well.she could be a humorist, a political philosopher, a shrink, a satirist, a lover, a sex educator, a spiritual guide, a motivator, a financial and investment advisor and many others.

You see why I love her and I’m crazy about her?  She doesn’t give ridiculous excuses why she can’t see me. Whenever she is around, I could stay in the room with her as long as ever. A time with her at the beach lacks the right words to describe. Sometimes, all I do is hold her close and inhale that unique smell of hers. Sometimes because of her awesomeness, when we are spending time together, I’m tempted to open up her thighs quickly and enjoy what is there, but then she advises me that she is best enjoyed when she is explored from her forehead down. On a cold and dark moment like this one where I cannot see that beautiful face of hers, I just put her on my sparingly hairy chest and cuddle her. Before you have any funny thoughts, I was just singing the praises of a GOOD BOOK. Reading is good for the soul. Have a blissful day and read something today.


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