It is not ‘Just Social Media’

Here is the moment all those present at the wedding have been waiting for. The moment the groom gets to tell his story of how he met his bride. The groom takes the microphone and beaming with smiles says, “I met her on facebook”. Few years ago, such a story would have been considered a  sacrilege. Today, it is happening. In the age that we live in now, what has become known as social media forms   an integral part of our lives. It actually encompasses our lives. One would ask, “what is social media?” The free Internet encyclopedia, Wikipedia, defines social media as the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Continue reading It is not ‘Just Social Media’


Grand-masters of Illusion – The Fauster Syndrome

Fauster  Atta  Mensah made  a  grand  appearance  on Ghana’s  most  trusted and authentic  voice,  formerly,  the  pulse (pause)  of  the  nation.  After  that  triumphant  entry  and  appearance on  our national television,  the   letter  D  has  been  properly  inserted  into  the  gentleman’s  name  ( F-R-A-U-D-S-T-E-R)  to  befit the  illusion  adventure  he  has  indulged  in  all this  while. There  was a general   uproar  especially  on social  media  as to  why  Fauster  will  engage  in  that  level  of  self-deceit  and  public  deceit  and  how  GTV  allowed  themselves  to  be fooled by his  photoshop  antics. Continue reading Grand-masters of Illusion – The Fauster Syndrome