Grand-masters of Illusion – The Fauster Syndrome

Fauster  Atta  Mensah made  a  grand  appearance  on Ghana’s  most  trusted and authentic  voice,  formerly,  the  pulse (pause)  of  the  nation.  After  that  triumphant  entry  and  appearance on  our national television,  the   letter  D  has  been  properly  inserted  into  the  gentleman’s  name  ( F-R-A-U-D-S-T-E-R)  to  befit the  illusion  adventure  he  has  indulged  in  all this  while. There  was a general   uproar  especially  on social  media  as to  why  Fauster  will  engage  in  that  level  of  self-deceit  and  public  deceit  and  how  GTV  allowed  themselves  to  be fooled by his  photoshop  antics.

UN-awarded Nobel Prize  laureate  Fauster  and Moomen  the  great   interviewer  were  virtually ‘lynched’.  Reading  the  commentaries,  I  asked myself  a  question, ARE WE INNOCENT  OF  THE CRIME FOR WHICH WE ARE  TEARING  FAUSTER  APART?  Forget  about Moomen   for the  moment.  Let  us  focus    on Dr  Fauster  as  I  choose  to call  him.  Is  he  a  strange   thing   that  happened to  GTV,  the church  of Pentecost  and Ghana?

In  Fauster’s  wildest   world  of illusion  he  is a Nobel Prize laureate,  chairman  of  many  international  boards,  a great  multi-lingual mathematician,  a member of NASA and  many  others.  That   is the  level  to  which  he deceived himself  and  others. Maybe he should  be  given  a  national  award  titled Order  of the Grandmaster  of Illusion and Deceit.  However,  will  it  be  fair  to   give  this  award  to  Fauster?  Are  there  not  so  many  other Fausters?  Is  there  not  a  Fauster  in each  of  us? Are  there  not  many  Fausters   holding ‘leadership’   positions  in  this  country?

Akosua Aboagyewaa  Abebrease  is  your name.  You  were  born  with  a  fine skin  which  is  just a  little lighter  than  kiwi  shoe polish.  Your  mum  is  a  renowned  ‘momoni,  koobi  and kako’ seller  at Kumasi’s  central  market.  She  raised   all her  six children  through  this trade  and built  a house  out  of  it.  Your  dad  is  a  station master  at  the Asafo lorry  station.  You  completed Krobo-Odumasi  Secondary School  and have   struggled  with Nov-Dec  for three  years  so you resigned to  some cosmetics  selling business  and  you are doing so  well. That   is your  original  identity.

However your  name  on  facebook  is Richlove  Akosua  Darlington.  You  are  known  in  twitter  spheres  as Pweedy Richlove.  To  your  peers  and  numerous  male  suitors,  your  mum  is a China-Dubai-Ghana  business  woman  who imports  canned  fish  and deep  freezers and your  dad has been  out  of the  country  since  you  were a kid.   Your  facebook profile  tells  us  that  you  attended  University  of Cape Coast.  Your  pictures  on  social  media  show  that  you are as fair  as Miss Nelson  the actress,  which  is  a far cry  from  your  smooth  kiwi  colour.  My  dear  sister, the  only difference  between  you and Fauster  is that  you have not  appeared  on GTV  yet. Just  like  Fauster,  you also  have  Spanish and Portuguese ‘passing inside when  you are speaking English’  simply  because  you  are  trying to  speak  like Richlove Darlington instead  of Akosua Abrebrease of Bompata.


Thy Kingdom Tordzevu  Nyagadedzordzorge  is  the  name  given  to  you  at  birth.  It is  also seen  on your voters  ID  card  and your  other  documents. However you  are  known  in  private  life  as Todd Quarshie.  You  are  not  proud  of  the Culture and Tourism  degree you hold  and  go  about  telling  people you  dropped  out  of medical  school but  went back to  school  to  read Telecommunication Engineering.  And  like the GTV  folks,  you  let  a lot of people believe  you simple  because  you  work  at  the MTN   office.  As  to  exactly  what  you  do  there,  only  you and your ancestors  from  Agbozume  know.

You  have  sold  your  real  identity cheaply on  social  media   just to  fit in and  get accepted into  some social media clique ,blocks  and cults.  You  were  lucky  enough to  have  travelled  to  Austria  for  three months  on  the  students  summer  program.  However  on your  illusion  and bragging sheets,  you  have  been  to  most  parts  of Europe and have stayed in America  for  over  a   year.  To the ladies,  your  favourite  food  is  chips and chicken.  Meanwhile  you are  my  closest competitor  when  it  comes  to  a  gari  feast.  My brother, clap  for yourself.  Fauster will be  so  proud  of  such  a comrade. The  only  difference between  you  and  Fauster  is that NASA  has  not  yet granted you  access to  their  system.

Have  you  met  that  aspiring MP  who goes  about  promising  the  electorates that  he  will  build  schools, roads, banks, malls, hospitals  and the  like  for them  if  he becomes  their  MP?  He  has  the  spirit  of Fauster in  him. Those  who  believe  him  are  just  like the  folks  who  gave Fauster  audience.   There  is  a  double-fold  of  Fauster  in that  politician  who  climbs  the  podium  to  tell  the  people  that  once  he becomes  president,  everything will  be  fine  and  they  will  enjoy heaven on  earth.  Do  you  remember  that  fake  certificate  you  used to  get  that  job?  That  is a fauster  spirit  right  there.

So  you  see, Atta Mensah  became  the  most popular  Fauster  of  2014  because  he  was  courageous  enough  to  take  it  to  the  doors  of the Church  of Pentecost and  the authentic  voice  of the  nation.   However  there  are  many  other Fauster species  that  walk  our  streets  every  day.


4 thoughts on “Grand-masters of Illusion – The Fauster Syndrome”

  1. hahaha!! Imagine the shock when i found out one of my twitter followers was a guy behind a feminine handle. Since then i just think of twitter folk as neither male nor female. They are just beings

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