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Life presents us with so many choices including the type of relationship we want for ourselves and I believe everybody is entitled to their choices. However, sometimes I just smile when I hear people say they can NEVER be in a long distance relationship/marriage, they are not cut out for it n bla bla bla. I smile because I believe it’s a narrow mindset. Continue reading I CAN’T BE IN A LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP.


The Empty Swing

bojo swing

These swings can represent the positions people occupy in our lives; friends, lovers, family, business partners, schoolmates, work mates, acquaintances and the like. Life in its ‘cunning wisdom’ does not offer anyone a permanent position in our lives, not even our own relatives. Life employs agents like death to eject people out of our lives. As we swing along, many people are thrown off our lives. Lovers become enemies, friends become strangers, enemies vanish into thin air and death’s bloody claws snatch many others away to the unreachable world. Continue reading The Empty Swing

Random Thoughts On Right Time For Marriage

Once, I responded to a very interesting question from a young lady on whether it is best to get everything right before settling down with a man. I believe many are still pricked now and then with that thought. My humble answer at the time was that “sometimes the fear and carefulness to get everything right makes one get most things wrong”. Looking back now over a year since this encounter, I believe strongly that I can still stand by that answer. Continue reading Random Thoughts On Right Time For Marriage

National Volunteer Day 2014



You  so  much  care   about  the  development  of  your  country?  You  get  pissed  about  how  your  leaders  are  mismanaging  the  affairs  of this  country?  Will  you  join  any  demonstration  or action  to  cause a  change  in  how things  are going  on  in  Ghana?  I  have  news  for  you.   You  can   start causing  the  change  you  seek  or desire  for  without  much  difficulty.   Have  you   heard  of  National Volunteer  Day? This  is   a  starting  point  to  cause  the  change  we all  desire  for.  It  is  an  avenue  to occupy  a  vacuum  you  have  spotted.  Read  on………

Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 12:00 AM – Monday, September 22, 2014 at 11:30 PM (GMT)

Volunteering: The heart of community development. Volunteer around September 21.

National Volunteer Day, run by GhanaThink’s Ghana Volunteer Program, is to encourage as many volunteer activities around September 21 which is Founder’s Day. We want to see more people in Ghana use the holiday to create, support and join volunteer activities. September 21 or Founder’s Day has been chosen as it’s one that doesn’t have specific activities.

How you can participate

Join a volunteer group or create one on your own.

Gather the youth of your community or friends and think of a volunteering opportunity.

You can see various photos from NVDay, etc on the Ghana Volunteer Program Facebook & Google+ pages. Also follows us on Twitter. Contact the team via volunteer@ghanathink.org

Check out the #NVDay hashtag on Google+, Facebook and Twitter for more info. Stay tuned via Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Once, your event is planned, register here and tell us all about it. We can’t sponsor your event but we can help in other ways, especially by getting you more volunteers. Once you register, your event will be added on this page where others can find your event and come support you. More information would be coming soon.

On NVDay, please shares pictures or posts on social media with the hashtag NVDay. We will be promoting all these volunteer events on social media and in some traditional media too.

If you have particular questions, please send an email to volunteer@ghanathink.org.