The Empty Swing

bojo swing

These swings can represent the positions people occupy in our lives; friends, lovers, family, business partners, schoolmates, work mates, acquaintances and the like. Life in its ‘cunning wisdom’ does not offer anyone a permanent position in our lives, not even our own relatives. Life employs agents like death to eject people out of our lives. As we swing along, many people are thrown off our lives. Lovers become enemies, friends become strangers, enemies vanish into thin air and death’s bloody claws snatch many others away to the unreachable world.

For the unlucky ones caught in death’s web, we can  only sigh, cry and recall the beautiful and horrible moments with them. For those still alive but have vacated their positions on the swing, life still offers us a chance to have yet another moment with them. Some might have vacated because we broke their hearts or they broke ours. Others might have been thrown off by inevitable factors and agents. It might have been a business gone bad or just a little   misunderstanding. Hurt, ego and fear of the future prevent us from building bridges and helping them cross back unto the swing for another beautiful ride.

You might want to have one last dance or several others with them before death prevents you from doing so forever. Their hands   might be stretched, waiting for you to take yours out   of the pockets of ‘unforgiveness’ and hold their hands one more time. Their hearts might have been yearning for years to reconnect with yours. You might want to take that bold step now. Pick that colourful brush and paint the gloom out of your life. Build that bridge and break down that wall. If you were seated on the second swing, which three people would you love to join you again?


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