Note to Self – The Era of the 22s

20150627-IMG_5514Dear Courage,

As you turn imaginary 22 today, I just want to have one of those  weird conversations with you. I promise you, I will not ask plenty silly questions or dive into your private life. I may not jump on your nerves today. I just want to have a leisurely chat with you. You see how back in SSS, those boys who get forgotten, write letters to themselves? That is exactly what I am doing with you write now.

At 22, what you really need to do is to read more my dear friend. Read, read, read and read. Do not limit yourself when it comes to what you read. Just read everything or anything but be guided. Read to entertain yourself, read to educate yourself and read to edify your soul.

Take risk my brother. If you don’t take risk now, soon you will turn 32 and envy small 22 year olds who are doing exploits. Ask that lady out, take that trip, enter that competition, write that book, start that business, win souls for Christ, undertake that project. Make friends, enjoy nature, do some art. Do some little mischief here and there for mischief is the first born of creativity.

22 is a fine time to start doing charity work and getting all the genuine “God bless You”. However in all your acts of charity, be guided by 1 Corinthians 13.

As to if you will become a responsible, caring adult with integrity, it starts from now. Do not become a manufacturer of excuses. Create time for people especially those who need it and those who do same for you. Don’t take people for granted. Learn to be truthful always. If you keeping lying to people at this stage, by the time you turn 30, people will think your very existence on earth is even a lie. Make time to hug someone, visit people, throw smiles at random people and drop random hellos and his in inboxes from time to time. Buy chocolate cake for someone. These little little acts of kindness work magic and build a strong foundation for the years ahead.

Brethren, 22 is a golden age and just as the number itself, a double measure of opportunities open their arms to you. It is your stage and it is your performance. Dazzle your audience. Explore and exploit your stage. Your age-mates are doing awesome things like unseating veteran MPs and unsettling veteran strikers. Let me however admonish you that in case you choose to unsettle a veteran too, look in the direction of Serena Williams, not Maame Dokono. Aim high my brother.
However in all you do, make sure you are at peace with your Maker.


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