Rattray Park -Worth the hype?

I sneaked into Rattray park last Saturday evening. I was not the only bearded man who ‘sneaked’ in. The bearded mayor was also there, perhaps to ‘steal’ some few ideas. I will not be surprised if Efua Sutherland Children’s park is soon covered with roofing sheets.

Anyway, let me tell you something. The hype about the park is worth it. It is not a place to visit once.  It is a place to go to often to ‘melt-off’ the stress. I  loved the therapeutic and romantic aura around the place.  I  loved the green  environment and the beautiful  landscape.  I loved how the lovers benches are nicely  spaced and located. I loved  the  music and the unison between  the light, water and music. Security was  okay.  Being the  first  of its kind in the city of Kumasi, I  hope it is maintained with timely add-ons.

My  stay  was brief.  Next time, I will do a detailed tour and a detailed review. Rattray park


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