Agotime Kente Festival 2015 – Culture clad in beauty

IMG_9297My love and interest for Kente made me plan months ago to be at the 20th anniversary of the Agotime  Agbamevorza  also known  as Kente Festival.This is a festival  of the people of Agotime-Kpetoe  in the Volta Region of Ghana. As  the history was narrated,  Nene Nuer Keteku III, Konor (Chief) of Agotime traditional area and Custodian of the Ewe Kente and his people , revived a domestic ritual – the purification of the weaving loom and accesories – into a traditional festival  known  Agbamevorza  over 20  years ago.

IMG_9277As the event date drew closer, I had a few friends who were equally  interested in attending. So  on the eve  of the event we set off to Ho, which  is the Volta Regional capital.  We chose  Ho  strategically. It  is just 30 minutes drive  or less from  Agotime and the people  of Ho were also gearing up for  the Asogli Yam festival.

IMG_8834Leaving the busy capital  of Accra and driving through the Eastern  region exposed one to the beauty  of nature, away from the artificial architecture  that has taken over the capital. The greens, the hills and the cool breeze  if for nothing at all gives one a therapeutic  feeling.

IMG_9270Agotime  itself  was alive with colourful activities  from Thursday through to Saturday when the grand Durbar was held.  On Thursday,  there was a Kente  weaving competition.  The target of the competition was to see who could come  out  first with quality work. The dexterity and alacrity of these local weavers were exhibited to the admiration of all. On Friday, almost the  whole  township  travelled to a town in Togo for  a Musketry ritual.  Why Togo? It has  become a norm for most Traditional areas  in the Volta region to visit  Togo  as part of their Festivals; to commemorate their migration from Togo.  Sadly enough,  I couldn’t get to  the destination of this  activity. My travelling partners and I underestimated the distance because we were not given adequate information, something I think the organisers  should work on next time.

IMG_9500The grand durbar was a sight to behold. Almost everyone I met was dressed in a particular kente cloth.  There were thousands  of kente  designs  to feed your eyes on. There was merry-making all  over and to climax the festival, there was an  amazing war-like  display by the  three  warlords of the Agotime traditonal area  after the  durbar.

Hope  Agbamevorza 2016 will be more fun and better. Kudos to the organisers and the people of Agotime-Kpetoe.

Watch  a display by the  warlords here.


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