Excerpt 1 – Chronicles of Katanga


The courtyard resonated with the rhythmic sound of drums, the kind that you cannot resist dancing to, even if you were not blessed with the gift of dancing. Young energetic men run from all angles towards the courtyard amid the chanting of songs matching with the sounds of the drums. From nowhere, a loud violent rattling sound went off, shaking the very foundation of the buildings around, setting off car alarms and enervating most of the people present. This was how freshmen were welcomed to what will be our residence and our first taste of university life on the brisk evening of 17th August, 2007.The sound from the bombard, and how it resonated across the hall anytime it went off, seemed to welcome us to a unique place, a place of sonority. For many of the onlookers and soon to be residents of KATANGA, this was the very first time of witnessing something like this. — Excerpts from CHRONICLES OF KATANGA.