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nFile, A Stand-alone Android News Reader

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From one of the innovative corners of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, comes a  free android mobile application by name nFile. It is intended to make news easily accessible and handy to all. nFile is the first ever stand-alone android news reader in Ghana that comes with multi-sourced news articles which are focused on enhancing news accessibility. It features a list of news categories that makes it appreciable by all readers. Continue reading nFile, A Stand-alone Android News Reader



One of the numerous waste materials which has become a threat to the environment globally and especially  the third world is what we have termed ‘SCRAP METALS’.   In as much as it has become an environmental nuisance, some people find it very useful.  I always see these guys around screaming ‘CONDEMN… CONDEMN’.   they are young men who buy any waste metal-like object and recycle them  into local cooking utensils.


In the age of technology,  Art students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology  have also found an artistic use for scrap metals.

If the few creations they have forged out of scrap metals can be  supported and encouraged,  we can help turn an environmental  nuisance into a tool for environmental beautification.

The uses these scrap metals have been put to just sends out a message that  there  might surely be a way of putting  the numerous waste that is generated into something useful.



Environmental nuisance can be turned into environmental beautification tools. All we need is an INNOVATIVE MIND.


I was just playing with the tuner of my radio, just like how I play with the hair of my lady friends (did I just say that?), when that sexy and silky voice caught my attention and froze my mischief-trained fingers.  He was at it again and the ladies were all glued to their set, blushing though they aren’t fair or white.  Then the jingle came playing DJ NY.  He is touted as perhaps the finest young DJ in town.  Known in private life as Ebenezer Donkoh, he started his education at a school with wooden structure and high tension cables over it.  That did not deter him however from pursuing his dreams.  He also attended Kumasi Academy.  Anytime I set eyes on this music spin doctor,  I wonder if he is related to the US president.  They have something in common, which the rabbit also displays a lot (hope he doesn’t read this).   This is NY DJ re-created on my blog.  Just push the button and read on. Continue reading $FINEST AND YOUNGEST? *DJ NY*

NISAF KLODIN – the new fashion revolution.

crazy design making guys and gals looking  crazily handsome and elegant.   designs coming from the heart and mind of  a certain Kwasi Asafo Adjei.   innovation dancing in circles around the cities of Ghana and infiltrating our campuses.   guess how you will look in  some of these nice wears or how that beauty of a damsel will appreciate it if you get one to add up to here wardrobe?  gentlemen and ladies, lets look cute.  dont just admire them, get in touch, pick one, two, three and more.  put them on and look at your self in the mirror. after that, give me a call.  its innovation stemming from the heart of the country.

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I love young men and women who are very innovative.   I  love to proclaim them to the world.   watch this space.  read on.

BB is the romantic name most ladies have given to it.  BlackBerry is its full name.  It’s the technology that is making rounds in Ghana now. Our ladies are craving for it.  Our guys are playing with it. The BlackBerry device has more functions than just for calls and browsing.  You have to enter into the paradise and have a full experience of all the latest applications.

You don’t need to subscribe to any network provider to have INTERNET ACCESS CONFIGURATION.

You can get FIRMWARE upgrades to the latest device software, OS version 6.0

You can also get games and numerous educational applications

What about Bible software for your smartphone?

He has the mind of the inventor of BlackBerry.  He is deft with anything concerning Blackberry. He handles BlackBerry like how an experienced cardiologist will handle the heart and play with it.  As a surgeon will deal with a patient, so he opens up all faulty BlackBerry phones, deals with them, heals them and bring them back to life.  He is the BlackBerry Doctor.  He is based on the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Campus.

Folks out there, for all your BlackBerry issues, just pick your phone and give him a dial on 0244-821-375.  Arrange a date with the Blackberry Doctor and you will fall in love all over again with this innovation.  There are special incentives for ladies.  Rush now to avoid a blackberry stampede.  LOL.