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I received this very touching letter from one of the readers of my blog.   I think it will be work sharing.    why not read it all and if you also want to sen your, why not.



I hope you are good.  The simple reason for this mail is to thank you for what you are doing with your blog.   I do not know what inspires you to write and I do not know the reward you get from your blog but I can say for sure that your blog just blessed my life and brought back some emotions to my heart.

As I type these words to you, my vision is blurred with tears from my eyes.  I am no writer and I am not faking this.  I was searching for articles on breast cancer on Google search engine and I came across something you put on your blog.  The title “have you done it today” caught my eyes and I decided to see exactly what you have there.   After going through that particular writing and the video you added I realized I have neglected my personal health for long.   The truth is that I know next to nothing about breast self exams and all those things you put there about the breast.  I am not shy to say that,  because your writing actually helped me.  Your blog helped me to learn how to examine my own breast.  Is it not crazy that a girl of my age should be learning that from a guy?  However it helped me.  My first exams on my breast made me realize all was not well with them.  I went to the hospital and it was confirmed.   I can not tell you what is really wrong but what the doctor told me is that I came to the hospital at the right time.  That is all I can tell you for now.  Your blog about breast cancer just saved a life.

The emotional aspect was when I read the one on cervical cancer.   The truth is my mum died of cervical cancer.  After reading you writing on it, I could not just take my eyes off the memory of my mum.  I am very sure if she has had knowledge about that she will not have died at that early age.  Your work just saved her daughter from also dying prematurely.  Thank so much for your work.   I will keep visiting your ladies joint for more.  Nice day and stay blessed