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Photography – A journey into life.

Some years back it was an unattractive profession in my part of the world, left to some old men and some not so well educated young men. By the turn of years, it has become a very attractive and lucrative profession and a lot of young and well educated people are engaged in it. Photography it is! Continue reading Photography – A journey into life.


Grand-masters of Illusion – The Fauster Syndrome

Fauster  Atta  Mensah made  a  grand  appearance  on Ghana’s  most  trusted and authentic  voice,  formerly,  the  pulse (pause)  of  the  nation.  After  that  triumphant  entry  and  appearance on  our national television,  the   letter  D  has  been  properly  inserted  into  the  gentleman’s  name  ( F-R-A-U-D-S-T-E-R)  to  befit the  illusion  adventure  he  has  indulged  in  all this  while. There  was a general   uproar  especially  on social  media  as to  why  Fauster  will  engage  in  that  level  of  self-deceit  and  public  deceit  and  how  GTV  allowed  themselves  to  be fooled by his  photoshop  antics. Continue reading Grand-masters of Illusion – The Fauster Syndrome

Where are our playgrounds?

I saw this young boy who was having a time of his life on his makeshift seesaw amidst loud singing. I fell in love with the sight immediately so I pulled out my camera and took a shot of him. As I looked at the picture again, I had an admiration for the boy for his creativity. He places a wooden slab on a stretch of block between those iron rods to make a perfect seesaw for himself.  A second thought however tickled me. Why would this boy go to that length to have fun? It is very easy for him to get injured . But does he have a choice? Maybe he had to resort to that because that is the only means of fun for him.


We have a dangerous situation arising in Ghana and we seem to downplay its effects. A child who is denied his childhood which   is  full  of  fun  is likely to grow into an adult yearning for his childhood. Most schools when I was young had nice playgrounds for kids. Even this limited opportunity is vanishing quickly from the system. Kids now have no other choice than to create their own playgrounds and create their own playthings as well.

Kweku, as I choose to call the kid in the picture, represents millions of kids in Ghana and around the world who are being denied the spaces and materials they need to have fun and enjoy their childhood  to  the fullest.  For Kweku, his community elders are more concerned about selling lands ,building hostels and other high-rising buildings. Kweku and his colleagues have been totally ignored. The big men in Kweku’s community I am sure have forgotten that all work and no play makes Kweku not only a dull boy but will make him a dangerous or damaged adult .

It is time extensive awareness is created on the near extinction of playgrounds and fun parks for kids and the need for the revival and provision of these facilities  especially  in  our  schools. Kweku and his colleagues should not be made to put their lives in peril in their quest for fun.

The Facebook MP of GHANA


Who is Rodney Nkrumah-Boateng?
Short but very long question. Many do not believe it when i say that deep down I am a rather reserved person. I love to get to meet people but I also enjoy a quiet life. I studied French and politics at Legon and read law in the UK postgraduate. I simply love politics (from the sidelines though!!) Continue reading The Facebook MP of GHANA

Open Letter to the Ghanaian on Christmas Day.

Hello  Ghanaba,

How  are  you?  How  is   your  Christmas  going?  Spare   me  the cliche  that   this  year’s  Christmas  is  dry.  You  say  that  every   year  but I see  people   flocking  to   your  shop  and  I  see  you  busy  counting  plenty  money.  I  see you  having  great  fun  as  I  sit  on  my  porch  and  sip  sobolo  and  listen  to   the   never  fading  Kaakyire  Kwame  Appiah’s    “Obi  nkas3  24th”. Continue reading Open Letter to the Ghanaian on Christmas Day.

Open letter to the Member of Parliament for Juaboso Constituency, Kwabena Mintah Akandoh

Honourable (As you people prefer to be addressed),
Over the weekend I heard you were in the news and decided to check what was making you so popular. I heard you suggested that the jersey to be used by the Black Stars, at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil should have an ’embossment’ of President John Dramani Mahama’s picture in order to showcase “the first symbol of this country”. When I heard what you said, I was in total awe of you. I was forced to think that it’s just the mischievous media who want to drag your immaculate white shirt in the Korle lagoon . However if you really said that then we have very wise people in our parliament. No wonder our country gained a middle-income status with the spark of light. Continue reading Open letter to the Member of Parliament for Juaboso Constituency, Kwabena Mintah Akandoh

A Single Step To Apagya …A Million Fruits


Ama is jostled from her day dreaming by a colleague, who had popped into her office to congratulate her on the successful surgery she had carried out on a patient. After saying thank you with a smile painting her face, her mind is pushed into a quick journey down memory lane. Continue reading A Single Step To Apagya …A Million Fruits