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Universities in Ghana and Social Media Usage

Social media has become an integral part of our world now. Millions of people and organisations are making use of the opportunities the various social media platforms offer. Among such organisations are educational institutions all over the world. Some universities are now using the power of social media to reach out to and engage their communities and prospective students directly. Continue reading Universities in Ghana and Social Media Usage


In Defense of Our Male Halls

NB:  This post  is appearing  here at this time because  another  attempt  is being made  to break  a United students front.   Read on.

The university is undoubtedly every Ghanaian student’s dream destination. Over the years, a lot of private universities have sprung up to augment the effort of the few public ones across the country. One phenomenal characteristic of the public universities is the presence of all-male and all-female residential halls on their campuses. There are quite a number of mixed-sex halls but their significance or prominence compared to the single sex halls is quite negligible. Continue reading In Defense of Our Male Halls


As I stepped out of the Great Hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, with my oversized academic gown and tasselled cap, I asked myself how the four years I spent over there benefitted me.  Some self assessment helped me come out with few timeless and priceless lessons I picked from the University.

  1. LEARN, UNLEARN AND RELEARN.   I remember vividly that very inspiring face and voice of Prof Ibok Oduro telling us that the word ‘University’ comes from the word ‘universal’.  She therefore admonished us to learn about everything.  Pressing that advice against my chest so tightly, I began the adventure of seeking universal knowledge.  I learnt that to learn new things demands that you discard old things most of the time.  Coming from a very conservative background, that was quite a task, but the benefits were immense.  However, I got to know that to be the great person that I want to be, I have to learn knew things that will push me up that ladder of greatness; Unlearn old things that will impede my progress and relearn old things that can propel me into greatness.  That useless thing you learnt today might save a multitude tomorrow.  When I spent time reading about breast cancer and cervical cancer, little did I know that an article I produced on that will end up saving a friend’s mother from death.  LEARN, UNLEARN AND RELEARN. Continue reading LESSONS FROM THE UNIVERSITY- PART ONE