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Lessons from the 1000 Books Project

I started  a  Social  media  campaign  some  few  months  ago  to  raise  1000  books  for  an  orphanage.    In  the  course  of  this  campaign, I  noticed  some interesting developments  and   learnt  a  few  vital  lessons  that  are  worth  sharing.

From  the  very   first  post  and  tweet,   I  noticed   a  particular group  of  people.  Their  only   aim  was to  get  themselves  noticed   with  the  project.  They  sent  me  messages   informing  me   of  their   support and  wish  to  be  recognized  as such.  I  went  further  by  asking  what  exactly  they  were bringing  on board.  All  they  could  tell  me   was, they ( individuals  and groups)  have large   followings  and  are well  known.  So   if  they shared  my  post,  it  will  push   the  campaign.  I agreed  that  was a  tangible  point.  After   a  few  questions,  I  realized  they  merely  wanted  to  be  associated  with the  project  without actually  bring  in  the  books or  working  towards  getting  them.  Some  people  only  want to  enjoy  the  applause  but not   ready to  induce  the  sweat. Continue reading Lessons from the 1000 Books Project



As  a student  back  in my primary school,  there was one position  that I so admired;  the position  of a bell boy.  It was a dream come true when in class five I was made the bell boy.  The dream was however short-lived. I was relieved of my position   soon.  I always rang the bell on time for break time but not for break over.  How I so much enjoyed that short break period and wished it was extended further.    Many students who are users of the various social media platforms exhibit this same behavior.  We enjoy having much fun on these platforms.  The question is have we maximized the benefits of social media to our academic advantage?  Aside the fun, social media can aid us in our academics as well Continue reading THE OTHER SIDE OF SOCIAL MEDIA


I am not trying to take the path of that Kyeiwaa movie with its 13 parts or Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s Adam’s Apple. Maybe I might outpace them  by bringing you thirty chapters of university lessons.  This is just part two of it. Please do not miss the substance by jumping the part one.  This is a continuation of my lessons.  Enjoy every bit of it.

  1. WE LIVE IN A MAN’S WORLD RULED BY WOMEN.  I read about ‘women and politics’ in my final year Political Science class.  I did some works on male chauvinism in my Literature class.  However I have come to realize that despite the fact that it is the men who hold the gun and press the trigger, it is the women who know and decide what kind of bullet is put in that gun.  Most at times, you hear ladies complain that it is a man’s world.  My cursory tour down memory lane shows otherwise.   Most important and destiny changing decisions that are implemented have some kind of woman power influencing it.   I recall certain decisions I had to take that affected the whole university indirectly and affected an all male hall.  Little did those gallant men know that the decision was influenced by a fervent appeal of a sweet feminine voice.  It however proved to be the best decision at the time.  I remember a gentleman who used cute ladies as a campaign tool to become SRC president.  He mistakenly allowed one beloved of his to also call the shots throughout his administration and the results were very disastrous. Women indeed rule the world of men. Continue reading LESSONS FROM THE UNIVERSITY – PART TWO


As I stepped out of the Great Hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, with my oversized academic gown and tasselled cap, I asked myself how the four years I spent over there benefitted me.  Some self assessment helped me come out with few timeless and priceless lessons I picked from the University.

  1. LEARN, UNLEARN AND RELEARN.   I remember vividly that very inspiring face and voice of Prof Ibok Oduro telling us that the word ‘University’ comes from the word ‘universal’.  She therefore admonished us to learn about everything.  Pressing that advice against my chest so tightly, I began the adventure of seeking universal knowledge.  I learnt that to learn new things demands that you discard old things most of the time.  Coming from a very conservative background, that was quite a task, but the benefits were immense.  However, I got to know that to be the great person that I want to be, I have to learn knew things that will push me up that ladder of greatness; Unlearn old things that will impede my progress and relearn old things that can propel me into greatness.  That useless thing you learnt today might save a multitude tomorrow.  When I spent time reading about breast cancer and cervical cancer, little did I know that an article I produced on that will end up saving a friend’s mother from death.  LEARN, UNLEARN AND RELEARN. Continue reading LESSONS FROM THE UNIVERSITY- PART ONE