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I am not trying to take the path of that Kyeiwaa movie with its 13 parts or Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s Adam’s Apple. Maybe I might outpace them  by bringing you thirty chapters of university lessons.  This is just part two of it. Please do not miss the substance by jumping the part one.  This is a continuation of my lessons.  Enjoy every bit of it.

  1. WE LIVE IN A MAN’S WORLD RULED BY WOMEN.  I read about ‘women and politics’ in my final year Political Science class.  I did some works on male chauvinism in my Literature class.  However I have come to realize that despite the fact that it is the men who hold the gun and press the trigger, it is the women who know and decide what kind of bullet is put in that gun.  Most at times, you hear ladies complain that it is a man’s world.  My cursory tour down memory lane shows otherwise.   Most important and destiny changing decisions that are implemented have some kind of woman power influencing it.   I recall certain decisions I had to take that affected the whole university indirectly and affected an all male hall.  Little did those gallant men know that the decision was influenced by a fervent appeal of a sweet feminine voice.  It however proved to be the best decision at the time.  I remember a gentleman who used cute ladies as a campaign tool to become SRC president.  He mistakenly allowed one beloved of his to also call the shots throughout his administration and the results were very disastrous. Women indeed rule the world of men. Continue reading LESSONS FROM THE UNIVERSITY – PART TWO