Some years ago India and Ghana were involved in a football match. Anytime the Indians kick the ball, it turns into a blazing metallic ball and enters the Ghana goal post. Anytime the ball gets to the Ghanaian players, it again turns into a blazing metallic ball so they could not kick it. The Indians managed to score 1000 goals through this strategy. In the dying moments of the game, Mfum, a striker of the Ghanaian side had a fine opportunity, as he got ready to kick the ball, it turned again into the blazing form. This time he threw caution to the wind and kicked the hot metal so hard that it went straight into the Indian post and even tore the net. The match ended 1000 – 1 in favour of India. Mfum’s leg got swollen and he could not walk again. India was subsequently banned from football. In the part of the world where I grew up, this was the ‘historic reason’ given for why India is not seen in any football competition. Did you also hear a similar story when you were growing up? Continue reading FICTITIOUS HISTORY