The MPs Logic

I tell lies to the people about things I know I cannot do and things which are clearly none of my constitutional business. I am able to fool them to a point. Now that I am in power and they are “standing’ on my vague promises and making frivolous demands, it is just fair that the state increases my salary to supposedly cater for these demands. Because we are cronies in the act, we easily push this one through. Now, one thing is missing. All our colleagues in the executive have official guards. It is just fair that we also have similar treatment. It might interest our constituents to know that our lives are more valuable than theirs. And should any of us be attacked or die, this nation will come to a standstill. Besides, We are all noted for mismanagement so it is very difficult to find space in our 7200+allowances to cater for our own security. So today, on the floor of parliament, we are screaming for official guards ooooooo.


Lessons from the 1000 Books Project

I started  a  Social  media  campaign  some  few  months  ago  to  raise  1000  books  for  an  orphanage.    In  the  course  of  this  campaign, I  noticed  some interesting developments  and   learnt  a  few  vital  lessons  that  are  worth  sharing.

From  the  very   first  post  and  tweet,   I  noticed   a  particular group  of  people.  Their  only   aim  was to  get  themselves  noticed   with  the  project.  They  sent  me  messages   informing  me   of  their   support and  wish  to  be  recognized  as such.  I  went  further  by  asking  what  exactly  they  were bringing  on board.  All  they  could  tell  me   was, they ( individuals  and groups)  have large   followings  and  are well  known.  So   if  they shared  my  post,  it  will  push   the  campaign.  I agreed  that  was a  tangible  point.  After   a  few  questions,  I  realized  they  merely  wanted  to  be  associated  with the  project  without actually  bring  in  the  books or  working  towards  getting  them.  Some  people  only  want to  enjoy  the  applause  but not   ready to  induce  the  sweat. Continue reading Lessons from the 1000 Books Project

The 1000 Books Project – A Social Media Success story.


It  was   one solemn  morning.  After a long   lazy  break,  I   was  able  to  have  a  quiet  time  again.  In  the  middle  of  my  quiet  time,   a  voice  kept  telling  me  to  undertake  a books  project.   Later   in the  day,  a  number  of  questions  kept  running through  my head;  how  will  I go about  this? Which  medium    should  I  use?  How  many books should  I  raise  and  for  which  orphanage.

Then  an  idea  struck  me.  The  events  of  the  Arab  spring   tickled  me.   The  role  social  media   played  in fueling  these  uprisings spoke  loudly   about  the  potentials  and power of  social  media.  I  therefore  concluded  to  undertake  a  Social media  campaign  to  raise  1000  books. I  arrived at  one  thousand (1000)  because  I  had  a little  over  thousand  friends on  facebook.  I   was  of the  view  that  if  I could  convince  each  friend  to give  at  least  one book,  I could   raise  the  1000  books  easily.  Then   I  settled  on  King  Jesus  Charity   home, located  at  Boadi  (few  metres  away  from  KNUST-Kumasi, Ghana).

Immediately  the  first  post  concerning   the  books  project  went  on facebook,  Dr.  Sam Tinagyei,  one  of  the  chief  sponsors  of  the  orphanage  quickly   contacted   me  and  set  up  a WHATSAPP   support group.  We  set  a  July/August  deadline  for   ourselves.  Within   few  hours, one  member  of the  support  group  came  up  with  a poster  which  became  our  rallying  picture.

Our  first  donation  of  seven books   came  in  moments  after  the  first  post.  The  initial   posts   received  numerous  recommendations   but  not    equal   amount  of donations.   Donations  kept   trickling  in  as  the  campaign  intensified.  One  day, another  Social  media  acquaintance ,  Jemila  Abdulai   informed   Keith  Goddard  of   Book  Matters  of  my  project.  I  linked  up  with   Keith  and he   promised  to  send  down  1000  books  from  Canada.

By  the  end  of  September  and  with  the  arrival  of   over   1000  books   from  Book  Matters,  we  counted   the  1,420th  book  of   the project.  One  major   problem  I faced  was  transporting  the  books   from  the  warehouse  in  Teshie (Greater  Accra)  to  Kumasi.  I  made  contacts  with  all the big  people  in town  I  know.  The  sad story  is  that   I  only  had   excuses  and  those  who  were  even  willing to help   were  asking  for  a  quota  of  the books.  One  went  as  far  as  asking  for  two  out of the  five barrels.  In  the  end   two  young  ladies,  Setina  Amezah  and  Dela Daniels  collaborated  and  sent  the  five barrels  of books  safely  to Kumasi .  We  only  collaborated  via  whatsapp.

One   young  man  domiciled  in the  US,  Kwadwo  Ofori-Mensah,  Dela  Daniels and  my  own  senior  from  Senior  Secondary  school,  Paul  Azunre  were  the  only financiers  of the  project.  The cash  they  sent  in   served  as  the  lubrication  of  this  project  and helped  in  adding to the  number  of books.

One   person  also   worth  mentioning  is  that  taxi  driver   who  took  me  round  Kumasi  for books  collection  and  when  he  understood  the  cause,  he refused  to  take  money  from  me.  He  became  the  official  driver  of the  project.

I  noticed  and  learnt  a  few lessons  during  the  campaign.  I think  they  will  be   worth  sharing  so  I  will do  so  in  another  post.

To  all  who  supported  this  project  in diverse  ways,   the 1000 books  project  team   says  THANK  YOU.  Watch   out  for  another  campaign  soon.

Weathering a Murky Path


Sitawa Wafula is from Kenya, an only girl in a family of four,  Single, Lover of God, food, art, travel and moon watching. She is a poet and mental health and epilepsy crusader who recently got awarded for the East Africa Philanthropy Awards and Spark Kenya Change makers program. She also own an events company, Events by Sitawa and a jewellery line O-collection. She spends her days creating awareness about mental health through talks, her blog and media engagements after dropping out of Actuarial School due to a mental health condition which She developed after a rape ordeal. In this heart-to- heart conversation, Sitawa tells us the story of her life and how she turned her misfortune into an avenue to serve as a bridge of hope and source of inspiration to others. Continue reading Weathering a Murky Path