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Fifty Years of Students’ Activism … The Story of Katanga

Wrote this  piece  on 19th January  when Katanga  turned exactly  50.

Social change comes from collective action at the grassroots level. – unknown

On January 19, 1963, some young noble gentlemen walked into the newest hall of residence on campus KNUST then; to become its first occupants. Little did they know that the seeds of courage, excellence and solidarity they sowed will germinate and grow into a mighty tree that can neither be truncated nor uprooted. Continue reading Fifty Years of Students’ Activism … The Story of Katanga


In Defense of Our Male Halls

NB:  This post  is appearing  here at this time because  another  attempt  is being made  to break  a United students front.   Read on.

The university is undoubtedly every Ghanaian student’s dream destination. Over the years, a lot of private universities have sprung up to augment the effort of the few public ones across the country. One phenomenal characteristic of the public universities is the presence of all-male and all-female residential halls on their campuses. There are quite a number of mixed-sex halls but their significance or prominence compared to the single sex halls is quite negligible. Continue reading In Defense of Our Male Halls