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Random Thoughts On Right Time For Marriage

Once, I responded to a very interesting question from a young lady on whether it is best to get everything right before settling down with a man. I believe many are still pricked now and then with that thought. My humble answer at the time was that “sometimes the fear and carefulness to get everything right makes one get most things wrong”. Looking back now over a year since this encounter, I believe strongly that I can still stand by that answer. Continue reading Random Thoughts On Right Time For Marriage




Being prepared for the worst is always one thing; confronting its stark actualization is another.  There is a point at which the mind threatens to fold up, succumbing to its own destructive power of evocation – Soyinka.

University education undoubtedly is one of the few luxuries that no nation can afford to mess around with.  The University is one of the focal tools necessary for development.  It is also a repertoire of vast knowledge.  Being the highest level of the educational ladder, it provides us with a lot of human resources.  It is for this reason that every society, region or nation that wishes to develop must pay particular attention to its universities, both public and private. Continue reading UNIVERSITY EDUCATION;