NISAF KLODIN – the new fashion revolution.

crazy design making guys and gals looking  crazily handsome and elegant.   designs coming from the heart and mind of  a certain Kwasi Asafo Adjei.   innovation dancing in circles around the cities of Ghana and infiltrating our campuses.   guess how you will look in  some of these nice wears or how that beauty of a damsel will appreciate it if you get one to add up to here wardrobe?  gentlemen and ladies, lets look cute.  dont just admire them, get in touch, pick one, two, three and more.  put them on and look at your self in the mirror. after that, give me a call.  its innovation stemming from the heart of the country.

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the SONG of LOVE

The Song of Love

In the deepest part of the cold night

When the crickets were singing with might

And when the world was asleep

You broke the silence and into my life you slip

Like a jailer with keys and my heart the acquitted,

You opened the locks and set my heart

Free to love again and again

At the banks of the river I stood

Hearing numerous voices calling

Turned I, and it was only your dazzling eyes I saw

Fairy tales turning into reality

Rainbows enveloping our hearts and the glorious

Lily turning its neck in admiration

Our hearts sing in love and

Our feet dance to the melodious tune

It is the song of love.


DEDICATED TO JUSTINA WINFREY, for reasons best known to just the two of us.




The Trailer


The early days and the first taste of University life.  A life of indirect freedom and a life of unwanted responsibility.  A year laced with naivety, mischief and fun.   First year bring back many fond memories and many mistakes that I picked valuable lessons from.  The infamous but extraordinary friendship with a certain Grace Asante and all about that friendship that people do not know till now; my formative days in a hall that had a lot of effect on my life;  contact with a certain Obed Effah, through who I started to take interest in students leadership and service;  those fun-filled moments inside Katanga and many more.  To climax my first year was the heartbreak that closed my heart to love for years.  The story of how a certain Emma Marfo broke my heart bitterly.

PART TWO – THE CALL.   (Year 2)

Second year brought with it a lot of aspirations and responsibilities.  It also offered the opportunity of been offered my first leadership position in the University, a position which I built my image on and which I will continue to build on.  It was also a year one of the greatest friendships I have ever engaged in, came to an end under bizarre and sad circumstances.  It was a year I made a record number of friends.   It was in this year that I had the call to stand up and let my voice echo and take up the mantle of the torchbearer and mouthpiece of the kingdom of Katanga. It was a year with mix feelings and a memorable time at FOCUS FM and many more. My eye-raising issue with Linda Oduro can just not slip by.  It will shock you, those lovely nights in the Socioso office and in Africa hall, seventh floor will shock you.


Third year was perhaps the most phenomenal of all my years on campus.  It was in this year that Katanga made me its Hall Secretary and SOCIOSO saw me as the best person to head their Editorial team.  It was a year I experienced dwindling fortunes in my academics and a year I had to struggle to keep my friends and be dedicated to my duties as well.  It was a time facebook became my closest pal and the SOCIOSO office my favourite hideout.  It was the year that I spearheaded the end to hall weeks in Katanga and heralded the birth of Hall Festivals.  It was a year I was nearly rusticated.  The black Tuesday in Katanga’s history when I had to stand in front of the hall to make that infamous declaration that nearly brought KNUST down will not be forgotten.


My final days on campus brings both smiles and tears to my eyes.  The wonderful times with my roommates in the little haven we created for ourselves,  the restoration of all my battered friendships,  stabilization of my academics, my last minute issues with my supervisor and how my heart was opened all of a sudden and I found love just hours after the hostilities concerning my academic life came to an end.

It going to be a never-ending story, intriguing and full of shocking revelations.  If you think you know me well, wait and read these unfolding stories and re-adjust your self after that. Four years of fun, lessons, mistakes, tears, smiles, fights, failures and achievements.  It was a worthwhile university education.  Watch out.


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this class had talent but kept it within till some of us started releasing them in bits.  a wonderful class with all kinds of wits and intellect, ready to change the face of politics in Ghana.   we couldn’t have looked any better as we rehearse to take over the parliamentary seats, the magistrate seats, the ministerial and ambassadorial positions.   POSSA 2011, its our time.   watch out for more.  it is the class of many qualities