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Agotime Kente Festival 2015 – Culture clad in beauty

IMG_9297My love and interest for Kente made me plan months ago to be at the 20th anniversary of the Agotime  Agbamevorza  also known  as Kente Festival.This is a festival  of the people of Agotime-Kpetoe  in the Volta Region of Ghana. As  the history was narrated,  Nene Nuer Keteku III, Konor (Chief) of Agotime traditional area and Custodian of the Ewe Kente and his people , revived a domestic ritual – the purification of the weaving loom and accesories – into a traditional festival  known  Agbamevorza  over 20  years ago. Continue reading Agotime Kente Festival 2015 – Culture clad in beauty


Random Thoughts On Right Time For Marriage

Once, I responded to a very interesting question from a young lady on whether it is best to get everything right before settling down with a man. I believe many are still pricked now and then with that thought. My humble answer at the time was that “sometimes the fear and carefulness to get everything right makes one get most things wrong”. Looking back now over a year since this encounter, I believe strongly that I can still stand by that answer. Continue reading Random Thoughts On Right Time For Marriage


Tradition always has a self-preserving mechanism.  No matter the level of indoctrination or foreign influence, some aspects of culture seem never to go away.  One of such aspects is traditional clothing.   With the filtration of foreign culture and its subsequent influence on the way we dress, one would think our own style of dressing should have been history by now.  However traditional African clothing is holding its own against all the others.  Some designers have gone a step further by blending the traditional style with the western one to create a unique hybrid clothing species.  One of such clothing lines, ALIKOTO CLOTHING is under my layman’s review today. Continue reading ALIKOTO CLOTHING UNDER MY SPOTLIGHT