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Mother’s milk gave  me suck

Mother’s fingers soothed my skin

The night  kept mother awake

When baby was sour

And that was me Continue reading SLEEP WITHOUT WAKE



He lures her with a smile

He draws her closer with goodies

Innocently she steps in

Shutting the door to a happy life

The room gets dark and his thoughts gets darker

Agent of the devil he is

Pushing his camel’s head  through her needle’s eye

Her screams are lame,  her cries are faint

Her bruises heal but her life still bleeds

He stole her life with his prick, an unripe life

Give her life back, stop the scoundrel

Stop the devil’s prick, it steals her life.


I am scared.
I am scared of the world I live in. It has become a perilous world.
I am scare of the people I walk with. They have become venomous snakes.
I am scared of the friends I talk to. They have become gossips overnight.
I am scared of my religion. Intruders have taken over.
I am scared of my community. It has become contagious.
I am scared of my school. Bad influence rules.
I am scared of my country. We have lost focus and are aimless.
I am scared of my brother. He is full of envy.
I am scared of my sister. She is full of hatred.
I am scared of my leaders. They are extortionists.
I am scared of my girlfriend. She will break my heart tomorrow
I am scared of myself. I am scared to fail.
I am scared of my generation. We are all scary folks.


I saw you coming with my missing treasure
That treasure I’ve been searching for all this while
That treasure that I could not find
That simple and precious treasure called love
When smile lined my face with fulfilment
When I thought I’ve found that treasure
The scandalous storm, the betrayal hurricane and
The rejection tornadoes struck swift and hard
That treasure slipped through my very fingers
That treasure which is the only cure to my
Fractured and punctured heart seems now
To be miles away on the deep seas
Where neither fantasy boats nor imagination ships
Can reach to bring back
Who will bring back my treasured treasure?
Beloved, my beloved! Only you I thought…


On a very normal 18th day of JULY some ninety-three years ago, another child was born to add up to the numbers of the human race.  As his mum wailed and went through the pains of labour, little did she know that one day her son will become perhaps the most revered man in the world today.  The world today celebrates one of its great citizens today.  Continue reading MADIBA, THE WORLD SALUTES YOU!

My Woolly Mat

On my woolly  mat, my hand between my thighs

I cry, yet I smile. I sob, yet I laugh

On my woolly mat I lie, my finger on my lips

I fall, yet I stand. I lose, yet I win.

Night falls on my woolly mat

Day breaks on my woolly mat

Darkness hides me on my mat

Light shows me to the world on my mat

On my woolly mat, I lie

I touch penury and I taste opulence

I exhale conflict and I inhale tranquility

I greet death and I salute life.

My woolly mat is the eye of the world

with my finger on my lips

with my hand locked between my thighs

I lie on my wooly mat and watch the world change colours

Courage Ahiati © 2011, All rights reserved

This poem is dedicated to all my friends  who I have fallen out with.  so is the world.