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My Take: Of the President’s Personal Tweet and the Official US Embassy Reply

John Mahama, president of Ghana tweets with his PERSONAL account and gets an ‘unfavourabe’   reply from the US embassy’s twitter account.   The aftermath is   like the bursting of a giant boil. As   a social media manager and student of social media, I humbly share my thoughts on what I think happened and what should be done to perhaps prevent or at least limit such occurrences. Continue reading My Take: Of the President’s Personal Tweet and the Official US Embassy Reply


The Facebook MP of GHANA


Who is Rodney Nkrumah-Boateng?
Short but very long question. Many do not believe it when i say that deep down I am a rather reserved person. I love to get to meet people but I also enjoy a quiet life. I studied French and politics at Legon and read law in the UK postgraduate. I simply love politics (from the sidelines though!!) Continue reading The Facebook MP of GHANA

The 1000 Books Project – A Clarion Call


One of the strongest tools used in the Arab spring was Social Media. After that revolution, people started asking if a country like Ghana can experience that kind of revolution again. To those asking that question, my answer is a big YES. However we can use Social Media to undertake a more proactive Revolution; A revolution that will not require us to gather at any square to scream our hearts out; A revolution that will not require the police shooting at us and chasing us. We can build our own communities through a rigorous Social Media campaign. We can cause significant changes to the things that affect us by using Social Media effectively. Continue reading The 1000 Books Project – A Clarion Call


Some years ago India and Ghana were involved in a football match. Anytime the Indians kick the ball, it turns into a blazing metallic ball and enters the Ghana goal post. Anytime the ball gets to the Ghanaian players, it again turns into a blazing metallic ball so they could not kick it. The Indians managed to score 1000 goals through this strategy. In the dying moments of the game, Mfum, a striker of the Ghanaian side had a fine opportunity, as he got ready to kick the ball, it turned again into the blazing form. This time he threw caution to the wind and kicked the hot metal so hard that it went straight into the Indian post and even tore the net. The match ended 1000 – 1 in favour of India. Mfum’s leg got swollen and he could not walk again. India was subsequently banned from football. In the part of the world where I grew up, this was the ‘historic reason’ given for why India is not seen in any football competition. Did you also hear a similar story when you were growing up? Continue reading FICTITIOUS HISTORY


As  a student  back  in my primary school,  there was one position  that I so admired;  the position  of a bell boy.  It was a dream come true when in class five I was made the bell boy.  The dream was however short-lived. I was relieved of my position   soon.  I always rang the bell on time for break time but not for break over.  How I so much enjoyed that short break period and wished it was extended further.    Many students who are users of the various social media platforms exhibit this same behavior.  We enjoy having much fun on these platforms.  The question is have we maximized the benefits of social media to our academic advantage?  Aside the fun, social media can aid us in our academics as well Continue reading THE OTHER SIDE OF SOCIAL MEDIA