I SPEAK OF GHANA is a character map of the people of Ghana. It is a Ghana-customized lexicon. It perfectly serves as a guide book to any visitor who wants to slip into the Ghana life with ease . I SPEAK OF GHANA throws a powerful beam of light on the daily life of the ‘Ghanaman’ in a rather side-splitting manner. It exposes the ills of our society by poking fun at them instead of dashing out hard jabs; the exact way ‘sweet medicine’ is used in killing worms. It also chronicles the history of Ghana in a captivating poetic style.

Typical of his writing style, Nana Awere Damoah uses simple and familiar language which makes this book suitable for readers of diverse backgrounds. Like a fun-loving driver, he sits behind the steering wheel and takes readers on a jolly ride through the life of the Ghanaian; dodging the potholes of our daily lives, intentionally falling into some of them, taking leisurely rides on the countryside and speeding on the highways of life in Sikaman.


The Fallen Leaves


Yesterday, as I sat under a tree and hymns ushered in mourner after mourner, these two leaves fell on the table. I took an interesting look at them and they told me a story. I asked myself why they had to fall off at that time. To me, there was still some greenness in them. Shouldn’t they be fully brown and dry before falling off? The story of these two leaves is the story of our lives. Sometimes we get connected to people and situations and when we least expect it, we are let off the hook. It could be a job sack, a fall out with a ‘bestie’, a terrible break up or even death. Sometimes, we think they should have allowed us to stay a little longer. But like these two leaves, our thoughts and feelings can not take us back to that tree which could be symbolic of our source of companionship, security, joy etc. For these leaves, they fell on a table. Some others will fall on dirty patches of land.

When we are left off the hook by our trusted friends, families, jobs or loved ones, we could fall anywhere. Some fall into emotional breakdowns and others drug abuse. Others fall on good grounds like far better jobs or friends than the ones they were pushed away from. This life is a twisted one. On a broader note, that tree I sat under could represent life and the various leaves and fruits represent humans. We could fall off when we least expect it into eternity. Not all of us will turn brownish and dry before falling off. Some of us will fall off whilst we are still green. Others will fall off at their finest hour. The big question is, on which side of eternity will you fall when that inevitable hour beckons

The story titled LIFE

It is the most suspense-filled story. Everyone of us is an ardent reader of this story. Some scenes make us laugh out loud. Some pages make us cry. Some lines make us ask ourselves how we even got attached to this story. Some parts of the story are really boring and others make us overly angry. We celebrate some occurrences in the story and regret ever coming across others. We sometimes ask ourselves why the writer created such a story. We feel like having a tete-a-tete with Him and asking asking him all the million questions that hit our minds as we read this story. All in all , we can all agree that it is a wonderful story with vicissitudes and joy juxtaposing each other, Failure and success holding hands, tears and laughter running shifts and the creator sitting on His high throne watching us as we get engulfed in and become partakers of his story. This story is titled LIFE.

Open letter to the Member of Parliament for Juaboso Constituency, Kwabena Mintah Akandoh

Honourable (As you people prefer to be addressed),
Over the weekend I heard you were in the news and decided to check what was making you so popular. I heard you suggested that the jersey to be used by the Black Stars, at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil should have an ’embossment’ of President John Dramani Mahama’s picture in order to showcase “the first symbol of this country”. When I heard what you said, I was in total awe of you. I was forced to think that it’s just the mischievous media who want to drag your immaculate white shirt in the Korle lagoon . However if you really said that then we have very wise people in our parliament. No wonder our country gained a middle-income status with the spark of light. Continue reading Open letter to the Member of Parliament for Juaboso Constituency, Kwabena Mintah Akandoh

Victoria’s Secret Endorsed in Goviefe.

Dear  Phoebe,

This  is   your  one  and  only    writing  to  you  again  from   the cat  farm.  I  am  getting a little  worried  because  I  have  not  heard  from  you  since  the last  time  I used  Torgbui  Tsali’s  magical  words   printer   in   writing  such  a  romantic letter  to you.  More  so,  I  have  still not  received  the snow  that  I  requested.     Continue reading Victoria’s Secret Endorsed in Goviefe.

How to Stop Facebook Spam Messages

Hello dear, How are you doing,hope is well with you and your family?.My name is miss precious,i saw your profile here and it really pleases me to write you for a lovely and sincere friendship even if we haven’t met or seen each other before. I will be so much appreciate to see your reply soon at my private email at (precious_4u2012@h otmail.com) so that we can share s and know more about ourselves. I shall appreciate an urgent response from you. With lots of love from your new friend precious precious_4u2012 @hotmail.com Continue reading How to Stop Facebook Spam Messages